Nowadays both men and women spend a lot of money on beauty care. This was not so in the past. What may be the root cause of this behaviour? Discuss the reasons and possible results.

In the 21st century, modernization governs the basis of creation and design of products targeting multiple genders in order to create a greater customer base. Unlike the previous century, there has been a significant increase in the money spent by male and female buyers on beauty enhancing products and services. There are many core factors like international trends and pre-requisites for employers with dual natured outcomes which I shall elaborate in the upcoming paragraphs.

To embark with, a number of international companies with enormous investments have brought both men and women to their ambit through marketing and advertising initiatives and campaigns. Moreover, a large number of companies have minimum benchmark standards of attractive appearance pushing aspirants to indulge in beauty and skin improvements. As a result, self-improvement has gained traction in the minds of the people and unprecedented budgets are allocated to personal grooming, upgrading styles, looks and general appearance. To exemplify, as per director of Nyka beauty products, metropolitan residents have a handsome portion of their monthly incomes dedicated to facial grooming, hair care and preventive treatments.

Nevertheless, a surge in the overall spending by people of both genders has concomitant outcomes which are dual in character. It is pertinent that well informed decision making and use of certified products and services can bring about a great improvement in the looks and personality of the individuals. Moreover, amelioration of visage and features can add to the confidence levels of the user leading to overall well-being. However, the negative side of the business includes harmful products, untrustworthy treatments and exorbitant costs which can be detrimental not only for skin but also impact personal finances of an individual. For example, rising levels of mercury in various skin care products were reported in the media reports creating a lot of panic among users about health and loss of money.

In conclusion, in an effort to improve the personal features and styling, expensive services and products can be truly beneficial and equal focus has to be given to research and reviews before making a decision.