In 21st century, contact between many parts of the world has developed rapidly through air travel and telecommunications. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Technological innovation is a leading factor in order to enable ease of access, growth and globalization, for the citizens of all countries. In recent times, adoption of international travel and novel methods of communication have led to a sharp rise in human interaction. In my view, the merits of the given notion certainly outnumber the demerits and I shall elaborate on it in the upcoming paragraphs with the help of suitable supporting ideas.

To embark with, compared to the earlier centuries, there has been a conspicuous gain in the convenience of connecting with people across the globe for both personal and professional reasons. To specify, internet based technological setup has enabled common citizens to make international phone and video calls to establish contact at extremely reasonable charges in addition to the frequent foreign travel, resulting in greater and quicker access and fruitful connections. Another noticeable benefit from contemporary mediums translates into the surge in academic exposure for students and consequent ease in availing job and employment opportunities across the world.

In contrasting view, as people espouse newer methods, there are concomitant drawbacks like international travel of citizens, especially from developing countries to developed ones, has caused a rise in trend of immigration in search of better lifestyles and opportunities. As a result, the discernible repercussions are the exposure to new cultures for the individuals triggering a decline in the sanctity of native country's cultures and tradition apart from the outward movement of talent pool from the host nation. To exemplify, India is witnessing a huge problem of immigration of talented professionals to countries like USA, UK and Canada, leaving a gap in the quality and quantity of crucial occupations like doctors, engineers and scientists.

To conclude, despite some demerits of introduction of air travel and communication methods, there are numerous benefits which over run the demerits based on their benefits and impact on the lives of citizens.