Some people say that technologies such as mobile phones are disrupting social interaction. Do you agree or disagree?

Adoption of new technologies is often intended to add convenience to the hectic schedules of people and reduce time consumed in personal and official tasks. A part of the society thinks that highly effective communication devices like cellphones have disturbed the work life balance. In my opinion, I agree with the given notion and shall elaborate on it in the upcoming paragraphs.

Unlike the twentieth century, people's lives have changed tremendously owing to the introduction of quick and reliable communication based on internet and technology. The ambit of these innovations is widespread and covers almost all aspects of human life ranging from voice calling, entertainment and learning with many more in the list. As a result of this ubiquitous nature, there is a huge over-dependence on gadgets to carry out tasks of any kind. To exemplify, during my holiday last year my work-related phone calls affected my leisure time and made my family members very unhappy.

Frequent updates on social media platforms accessible through mobile phones are addictive in nature and forces users to continuously check their devices for notification or any posts about their favorite topics like friends, politics or sports. Based on this profound engagement, user's attention is diverted from human interaction resulting in minimal interaction with family members and deteriorating social relationships. With the social media apps earning revenue based on time spent by customers, the social interactions are usually out of focus of people.

To conclude, it is evident that cell phone usage has lost the original purpose of making people's life convenient and has entered a phase where the demerits interfere with the social wellness.