Some people believe that professionals, such as doctors and engineers, should be required to work in the country where they did their training. Others believe they should be free to work in another country if they wish. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

The tremendous rise in education sector, in recent times, is a testament to the global demand of skilled working professionals. A section of masses assumes that critical occupations like medical professionals and engineering experts should serve the country that provided training while others assert that individual can decide work location independently. In my opinion, I agree with the former notion and shall elaborate on it in the upcoming paragraphs with the help of suitable supporting ideas.

To embark with, every country strives to provide educational infrastructure from schools to universities aiming to produce world class doctors, engineers and other professionals. This long-term investment is only sustainable if the professional decides to remain in the country and serve the local citizens. In support of the statement, it is pertinent to mention that the local understanding of people, conditions and region based specific details make the domestically trained professional way more effective and crucial. For example, during the covid pandemic locally trained doctors were well prepared and understood the mindset and requirements of natives to offer customized solutions.

Nevertheless, the alternative option for professionals to migrate and work to other countries is based on the concept of individuals freedom of choice and liberty but there are negative aspects of this notion which cannot be ignored. The primary factor stems from the fact that free and unrestricted movement of professionals away from home country to developed countries can lead to imbalance in availability of experts to serve the nation in many regions. In addition to that, financial leverage and upscale lifestyle can be motivating factors replacing basic aims like service of nation and its citizens. For example, after completing dentistry studies in Africa, 90% of doctors migrate to European countries instead of serving their own country, and creating a shortage for African citizens.

In conclusion, it is evident that the locally trained professional can contribute more and perform better in local environment as compared to work in foreign countries with minimum or no understanding of conditions.