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The topic refresh, restart and never be late indicates a halt which may or may not be temporary. The situation can be circumstantial or otherwise. Life can throw a lot of curve balls at you, some you hit and some hit you. This topic represents the latter. After being hit by a curve ball, its pertinent to lay down and see the pain or agony hitting its peak and starting a downhill journey of mellowing down. Moan, bitch or wail the pattern remains the same and must prevail.

The story hitherto is common but what shapes the hero of the plot is what happens from here on ! Getting back on your feet is inevitable but what's important is the time taken and the body language, not to miss the countenance while rising to the occasion. If you are well versed with computer, internet explorer many a times fails to load a page, and F5 seems to be the favorite go to tool which refreshes the browser. If it works it works other wise we know the run of the mill step of restarting the whole system. To a peevish novice, internet browser not loading a page may seem like a colossal irrecoverable failure but for a ‘been there done that’ kind of a person, he knows there is always an option of restarting the whole god damned machine. Between lying down hurt or thinking about getting up or even actually getting up is the end result of the configuration one is built upon. As i said, restarting is inevitable although the fount of inspiration to do that can be internally placed or externally installed.

Time is of the essence and from being hurt to be back to spurt defines one’s level of motivation and shows the degree of dependence on external help. Quicker you are back on your feet and recovery, better it is for you and others around you. Delaying restarting is also understandable but within the frames of time piece. Too much extension and slipping into the crevices of procrastination will only make situation and process of recovery complicated. As Brian Tract writes in her famous book, ‘Eat The Frog’. As soon as you are in a position to identify your first impediment to stand back, one must leap to end the hiatus even callously and go with the flow till you can attune your progress, goals and achievements finely.