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There isn’t a big difference in where an equity investor invests money and a student invests time

NIRMALA SITHARAMAN, Finance minister of India announced the Indian fiscal budget for the year 2022–23. This is in fact the plan of action for the country’s finances on how and where will the generated monies be spent for the welfare of the people and the State. With almost 10 state and national level elections lurking around in 2022, most of the political and financial pundits were betting on populist budget announcements pointed towards appeasing the election bound states and the citizens involved.

By 11:00 a.m. on the budget day morning it was clear that the path chosen by the incumbent Prime Minister Modi and his finance minister N Sitharaman is definitely indicative of sustainable growth in general, pleasingly ignoring the much anticipated, ‘freebie theme based’ announcements for election bound states. India as it should be treated as ‘One Nation’ was given the fair and square overall strategic budget based on futuristic growth formula.

If Défense sector gets the biggest allocation of Budget 2022, should it not be a priority while choosing careers by students. Management, logistics, administration, engineering even Textile Engineers, R&D all sectors are covered under Défense.

The motive of this writing is to introduce the budget 2022 segments that are relevant for students and link the nascent student mindset to the political and financial evolution of the country. Students are the foundations that the nation will walk, run and fly on in coming times. Today’s students will go through the academic rigmarole and land into the challenging workplaces and remodel into the leaders that will make decisions for the country and its people. The students can choose streams, subjects and universities based on the information available to them or counsel that will show them the well-informed path.

Let’s deep dive into the sectors that have been given prominence, which essentially means superior budgetary allocations which will turn industry into excellent performers with billions of dollars being poured into them by the government and private sector. Graduates and Post Graduates target jobs which are secure, challenging, well paid and green in terms of longevity. If the national fiscal direction is aligned to the preferred industry options and both are considered as basis of career choices, the unidirectional force can usher in an unimaginable thrust in careers especially in private sectors. Let’s see which sectors have been given priority in the Budget 2022 CapEx.

Stimulating private investment, wages and production, the industry sectors to gain maximum out of Rs 7.5 lakh crore CapEx are Défense, clean energy, Renewables, Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, Electric Mobility, Roads and Highways, Education, Health & Modern Agriculture. To summarize, the sectors with aggressive approach and scope of expansion will be New age Tech (not to be read as IT or internet), Electric Mobility (not to be read as auto, ancillaries and automation), Agriculture and Engineering (including R&D, innovation & Technology).

As long as landing a job in a field of choice remains a motive, the above-mentioned industries will remain the best in terms of job availability, workplace atmosphere and YoY growth. What it should translate into is that if a student wants to opt for computer science as a general engineering option, might as well consider Data Analytics, IoT, Big Data for quicker absorption into job roles. A general engineering degree can be replaced with courses in cement tech, automation, electric mobility or Environmental & Green Technology. Accountants and Finance Managers can consider specialization in digital assets, Actuarial Finance & Financial Law.

New Age Human Resource Managers look for graduates and PGs with focused areas of knowledge and expertise matching the requirements of the tasks to be executed on the ground. In case of students who clear the entrance tests and interviews, they automatically carry a shining resume with the University name driving the rounds in employer circles. For those who take admissions in unranked and sometime unfulfilling colleges and universities choice of courses become more and more significant.

Just to share the pulse of this Budget 2022 with you, pl see the rise and fall of share of welfare scheme by GoI indicating the future areas of activity. Proposed Allocation have increased in National Livelihood Mission, National health Mission, National Education Mission and reduction in Food subsidy, MGNREGS & Saksham Anganwadi and Poshan. This represents for freebies remaining the same as FY22 and infrastructure growth being given the upswing.

The Career Curve is a career counseling Unit aiming to guide students of Grade 8 onwards to achieve their dreams by aligning the industry trends with the student’s passion. Trust us, when both forces combine and waive in one direction, the results are not just awesome but rich too. The career curve suggests that there are various stages to a career and our experienced counselors are well informed and trained to make you aware of challenges posed in beginning and middle stage of the career and how to prepare for them from the beginning. Its ok to make mistakes and try not making mistakes already accomplished by others. You may book a counseling session for in-depth insights into various career, pros and cons and future validity of the career options.

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